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If America—the "last great experiment"—is to succeed,

a better style of political leadership is needed

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Headlines say




is polarized

is extreme

is broken

For too long, partisanship and extremism in both parties have stalled America’s progress. If the American experiment is to work, Democrats and Republicans must make courageous decisions based on right and wrong and bravely seek effective compromise in the center.

That's where we come in

The answer to a broken government is a lesson in courage.

The answer is in Joe Lieberman.


Elected for more than four decades, Lieberman’s record and recognized leadership in historic acts of bipartisan, centrist problem-solving has set an example and a path forward for those with the best interests of the American people at the forefront of their actions. Lieberman’s ability to enter into respectful and productive negotiation at the center represents progress and good governing.

Senator Lieberman offers a master class in effective government, but his ability to remove obstacles by combining his personal religious observance with his public life has much to teach us all. The story of Lieberman’s life and political journey is unique — an Orthodox Jew who rose from a lower middle-class family in Stamford, CT, to become the first Jew nominated for a Presidential ticket of a national political party. He broke down barriers, opened up doors of opportunity for all Americans, and fought to restore the bipartisan center of American politics and government.

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Lieberman's Legacy

in their words

Image by Sander Crombach
Image by Library of Congress

President Bill Clinton

I think he is an extraordinary guy – he is an extraordinary, extraordinary human being.


Senator Susan Collins

[Joe] has demonstrated his willingness, time and again, to risk his political career to do what he believes is right for America.

by his own example... For him what was important is what history would say – that he protected the Jewish people

and the Jewish State.


Senator John McCain

He has great respect and affection from both sides of the aisle.

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