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On April 23, several supporters of the documentary had the opportunity to celebrate Israel's 70th birthday at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the merits of Begin's character and his contributions to the State of Israel.

We would like to thank our supporters:

  • Scott Alpert (Colorado)

  • Kathy & Rem Bashari (Israel)

  • Joe Bean (Colorado)

  • Ian Gardenswartz (Colorado)

  • Jodi & Bruce Goldman (Maryland)

  • Mickey Gordon (Colorado)

  • Larry Greenwald (New York)

  • Rivka Grinberg (Colorado)

  • Steve Nadler (Colorado)

  • Susan & Bruce Heitler (Colorado)

  • Warren & Aimee Hirschhorn (New York)

  • Della Gilson Levy (Colorado)

  • Herzel Melmed (Colorado)

  • Alex Milzer (Colorado)

  • Abe Reich (Pennsylvania)

  • Terry Schwartz (Michigan)

  • Moshe Shoham (Israel)

  • Joel Strauss (New Jersey)

  • Mark & Susan Zalkin (Colorado)

From left to right: Rem Bashari, Kathy Bashari, Jodi Goldman, Bruce Goldman, Herzl Makov (CEO of the Begin Heritage Center), Bruce Heitler, and Susan Heitler

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