Dr. Amir Peleg Born is a preeminent expert on Menachem Begin and his contributions to Israel and the
annals of history. Amir earned his BA and MA in Jewish History, Israel studies and political science
from Ben Gurion University in Israel (summa cum laude) and a PhD in Jewish History in Ben Gurion
University. His Masters thesis entitled "Menachem Begin and the Holocaust: The formative years
1939-1948" won awards from Haifa University, the Yad Vashem institute, the Jabotinsky institute and
Ben Gurion Institute. Following on his Masters thesis, Amir continued to explore Menachem Begin and
focused his PhD dissertation on "Menachem Begin and the Holocaust: History Politics and Memory".
This dissertation won awards from the Menachem Begin Heritage Center and the Jabotinsky institute.
Amir continues to explore Begin's leadership impact and most recently authored two thought leadership pieces published by Yunim Bitkumt Israel entitled: “’A Moral War by Choice’: The Holocaust Impact on Menachem Begin National Security Perception” (2016) and“Menachem Begin’s Leadership at the Start of the Holocaust” (2017).
Currently, Amir is the founder and editor of "The Israelis", a multidisciplinary periodical in Israel studies, and is an historian for The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) and Assistant Editor at the Jabotinsky Institute. Born and raised in Kibbutz Gevulot in the South of Israel, Amir served three years in the IDF as a tank commander. He is married with three kids.
Dr. Amir Peleg, Mnachem Begin historian