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The Hidden Light Institute, in partnership with the Begin Heritage Center, has developed the momentous Begin Legacy Initiative comprising the documentary UPHEAVAL: The Journey of Menachem Begin, the annual Begin Symposium, and multiple educational workstreams targeting various audiences worldwide. Our goal is not only to bring to life a true and underrecognized "profile in courage" but also to use the film and future films to educate and empower young and future generations on great Jewish leaders and the story of Israel to combat antisemitism.

Who we are

P.M. Menachem Begin reading the Megilat Esther at the reception hosted by Amb. Simcha Dinitz at his residence in Washington. (Milner/GPO)

The paradox in the life of every man who fights in a just cause [is that] he lives in the darkness so that the light should break through.

Menachem Begin, The Revolt, pg. 406

Morning Mist Over Trees

Our Mission

We create documentaries on Jewish and Israeli figures and events to educate various demographics and generations on Jewish culture and history.

Our Cause

We have one name, translated twice: The Hidden Light Institute and, in Hebrew, Ohr Hatzafun Productions. Jewish teaching holds that when God created the heavens and the earth, and said 'let there be light', the light existed only for thirty-six hours before it was hidden (Berakhot 8:5). As long as this light is hidden, we are compelled to find it—to bring light to darkness. 

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